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PRG Powerhouse Limited

PRG Powerhouse Limited, the UK-based energy company, has become the latest victim of a struggling economy by going into administration. Unfortunately, this means that hundreds of people’s retirement savings have been put at risk as their investments and pensions are now uncertain. With all PRG Powerhouse Limited services being suspended until further notice and all […]

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Assister Limited

Assister Limited, a British-based financial services provider, has recently gone out of business leaving thousands of retirees’ savings at risk. With the company’s closure comes a multitude of questions and concerns for those who had invested in Assister Limited – their retirement funds are now in limbo as they face an uncertain future. Many individuals

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Aquila Financial Services

Aquila Financial Services, a well-known UK financial institution, has suddenly gone out of business and left thousands of people’s retirement savings at risk. This shocking news has sent ripples throughout the country as individuals who put their faith in this company for their future now face an uncertain future. With Aquila Financial Services no longer

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