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farm investment opportunities Ontario

When you invest via FarmLender, you lend money to local farmers by providing them with the opportunity to purchase real estate and you decide who you lend to and what type of terms and conditions will apply. If you're looking for an investment opportunity that puts more control in your hands and has less risk, then give us a call!

Most of our investors look for safe farm investment opportunities and that's where FarmLender comes in! We've been producing excellent returns for our private mortgage investors since 1998 as we offer a rare opportunity to invest in first and second farm mortgages with high returns. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of both investors and farmers as we have a commitment to the farming community that runs deep and we're also dedicated to ensuring Canada stay as a leader in sustainable agricultural practices that can compete in the global market.

Private farm investment opportunities have increased in popularity due to the high yield made available to investors, typically 8-11% on first mortgages and 12-15% for second mortgages.

In order to minimize risk, we always recommend our investors lend only up to 65% of the property's value on first mortgages and up to 75% of the value on second mortgages. We try to simplify the lending process for our lenders and help manage their investment from start to finish.

If you would like in on a lucrative opportunity, please call 888.393.8686 to speak to one of FarmLender's agents to get more information as the private agricultural mortgage sector is growing fast and for good reason!

farm investment opportunities Ontario

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